There is lots going on in the background at moment with designs being done on show gardens for 2016 season

we will update the website with dates and shows as and when we have them confirmed,lots of exciting projects

on the go within the landscaping and design.


Did you know that you can claim a grant for tree planting the grant application window is now open  for 2016/17

there is up to   £6800 PER Hectare available for woodland planting and ongoing maintenance.Be one step ahead

and let us help and advise you on growing your woodland.


Late november is the the ideal time for planting tulip bulbs as  the ground temperature starts to cool,so that they remain dormant over winter in the ground so they start growing and bloom in the spring.

They can add colour to any spring border or container,tulips come in a vast range of colours, from  palest pink (foxtrot )to vibrant purple(Purple flag) and many hot palette colours there is  two tone colours as well as white.(White dream)There are many varieties single/double,frilly edged parrot and elegant  lily flowered as well as dwarf varieties.


Tulips require a sunny site with good drainage,they look best planted in groups they look good in variety of places in border or along a path even a backdrop of a hedge.Discard any mouldy or any bulbs  place in the soil at a dept of 4-6inches,with pointed end facing skyward allow 1-2 bulb width apart in the ground, in a container allow 1 bulb width,cover with soil lightly water then leave.They will flower from March onwards,there are later varieties that will come in to flower in May (World expression,Dreamland)