Pro Gardens Ltd Covid-19 Protocol

Here at Pro Gardens Ltd we are extremely lucky that our work is conducted outside. With change coming into our daily lives we are having to change too, this keeps our staff safe as well as our customers. We recognise the unprecedented challenge that the virus presents and strong measures must be put in place to contain the spread and protect lives. In these times when more people are spending time at home we understand the importance of a nice, well kept garden and we are offering you tis in the safest way possible.


Firstly we will be implementing Hands, Face, Space, this ensure we keeps ourselves clean to reduce the spread of infection and face covering will be worn where necessary. Social Distancing is encouraged between staff and customers, we understanding that this can make communication rather difficult so we advise that you email or call in to bring any additional work to our attention.  The vans and equipment are frequently deep cleaned to keep the work environment safe for our employees, each van is provided with cleaning equipment, sanitizer and gloves when needed.


If any member of staff starts to show symptoms they are not to turn up to work until they have finished isolating, fortunately we have all been safe and not shown any symptoms and touch wood this will stay the same. If you believe you have been in close contact with a member of staff and you are now showing symptoms then please let us know so we can follow the correct protocol. To encourage tracing we all have the track and trace app  so we are extremely aware should we come in contact with the virus.

Working Environment

Our working environment consists of small groups, there will be no more than two workers on site increasing social distancing and reducing the chances of crowding. Equipment is regularly cleaned and doesn’t need to be shared which reduces the risk of spread. We are fortunate that we work outdoor meaning our workspace is extremely ventilated.


I hope it is clear that we are taking every measure we can to keep staff and customers safe which is fundamental in these times, every member of staff is taking every measure they can. If there are any equiries please contact us via tel: 01295 678877 or mob: 07894949236.


Thank you.