“Here at Pro Gardens Ltd we offer a bespoke Lawn Care Service tailored to your Lawns’ requirements. A wide range of Treatments and works are available delivered by our Qualified Lawn Care Professional. All Treatments are safe and effective carried out year round.”

Machine Works; Aeration is the most effective way of reducing sub-surface thatch and compaction in lawns. Mechanically the Hollow Tine Aerator will remove thousands of cores from the lawn easing compaction levels which is usually the main cause of moss on the surface. As you can see in the diagram below removing cores allows better oxygen and water movements to the root zone, ultimately this will lead to a better draining healthier lawn.



Machine Works; Scarification is the mechanical removal of thatch from the lawn. Thatch will naturally build up in your lawn and to an extent some thatch is healthy. However if your lawn feels spongy underfoot or you have high levels of moss scarification is required. The process is a heavy duty raking that will protect the existing grass on the lawn and remove the thatch and moss. This will allow any bespoke treatments such as Broad Leaf Herbicides and fertilisers to be fully effective and reach the intended areas rather than being lost in thatch.


Repairs and Renovations;  Here at Pro Gardens we will combat any type of repair works on your lawn.  Whether the problem was caused by dry patch, thatch, pests or any other we have a solution for all. Our solutions start with tackling the individual problem whether it be removing of dead thatch/moss etc or applying a select pesticide/insecticide/herbicide. Once the initial treatment/inspection has been completed then move on to bringing in a high quality Lawn Seed tailored to your lawns location and needs, followed with a finely screened weed free top dressing rich is micro nutrients designed to give your lawn the initial boost it needs. We can also supply and lay quality Turf if an instant fix is what you require. All Resulting debris cleared from a lawn is removed and taken away by our team removing the hassle from the customer!

Some before and after photographs of completed repair works.

Bespoke Treatments; Spring.  Spring is all about giving your lawn the added boost it needs to start the year off as you mean to go on.  Carried out between Mid February to May this will be your first  non mechanical treatment of the calendar year.  The Spring treatment firstly is a Granular Fertiliser with amended ratios of N,P,K designed to give your lawn an initial boost as it wakes up from winter dormancy, helping it to grow strong with a vibrant green colour we strive for. Secondly a Targeted Broadleaf Herbicide is applied via Knapsack applicator across the entire lawn. As Spring is ideal conditions for young weeds to flourish and spread this Liquid Herbicide helps with the control of all common lawn weeds including Daisy, Plantain, Dandelion and Clover.


Bespoke Treatments; Early Summer. Early Summer treatment is all about keeping your Lawn looking its best as temperatures rise and we rapidly approach the height of the season. Carried out between May and July this will be your lawns second Weed and Feed of the year. A Granular Fertiliser is added to the Lawn stimulating strong healthy growth throughout the height of summer.  A second Broadleaf Herbicide is blanket sprayed over the lawn to help with the control of all common Lawn Weeds from Dandelion to Daisy. This is an essential treatment if more invasive Lawn weeds such as Speedwell, Creeping Buttercup, Yarrow are active within the lawn. These Weeds are Stoloniferous are grow very close to the surface budding at their node tips. This enables them to spread rapidly across a lawn and will require 2-3 Herbicide treatments dependant on the size of infestation.

Bespoke Treatments; Late Summer.  Late Summer treatments are again designed to keep your lawn healthy and well nourished during what is usually the driest period of the year. Carried out between July and September this will be your lawns final combined Weed and Feed treatment.  A Granular Fertiliser is applied to the lawn, we do recommend watering the lawn regularly during hot dry spells to keep the lawn established and reducing any onset of dry patch or anything that may require further mechanical work later in the year. Finally the same as Spring and Early Summer another Broadleaf Herbicide is applied to help with control of any weeds present or emerging.

Bespoke Treatments; Autumn/Winter. Autumn/Winter treatment is the last of the main 4 treatments within the year. This is different to the previous 3 treatments as we now stop applying N,P,K Fertilisers as temperatures are dropping the grass growth also slows right down and when below 6° grass growth will stop altogether. We use a specially formulated liquid spray which is blanket sprayed over the entire lawn area. Within this spray there are nutrients that stimulate the chlorophyll properties of the grass helping it become more robust from the winter elements and also retain a vibrant green colour despite a lack of nitrogen, this is  similar to ourselves putting on our winter coats. In Addition the liquid contains Iron Sulphate which tackles moss present. The Iron dehydrates the moss causing it to repel moisture ultimately leading to a breakdown of the moss’ structure. This is a key treatment to have before Scarification as the moss when dehydrated is far easier to remove. When iron is applied to the moss you’ll notice a colour change to brown/black don’t be alarmed this is perfectly normal and what we expect to see.

Specific Bespoke Treatments; Aqua-Zorb. Aqua Zorb is a biodegradable granule that contains a non ionic wetting agent to prevent dry patch and help with correcting hydrophobic conditions within a Lawn. This particular treatment is all about improving water penetration and retention at the root-zone, helps to reduce any onset of dry patch and results last upto 12 months following one single application on ornamental and amenity lawn/turf.  This can be applied via blanket or in turn works just as well when spot treating individual areas. If dry patch is a problem and you  work away during the summer or take a nice holiday this treatment will keep your lawn healthy whilst your away for that extra piece of mind. Please note this is not a substitute for watering, although lessens the need for so much saving time and money.

Specific Bespoke Treatments; Growth Regulator. Grass contains a hormone that causes vertical growth, with this growth regulator we add a liquid spray to the lawn that targets hormones of the grass plant. The regulator causes vertical growth to slow all the way down however natural growth will still occur but in the form of lateral growth. This is a great treatment to gain a thicker healthier lawn whilst reducing ongoing maintenance costs of regular mowing. Perfect for you in your away from home for long periods of have a long vacation planned you can rest assured you’ll return home and your lawn won’t be out of control. The growth regulator is also advantageous for shaded areas as it stops the grass from growing towards sun spots leaving sparse patches in its wake.

Specific Bespoke Treatments; Pesticides/Insecticides/Fungicides.  We are able to tackle multiple different infestations on your lawn ranging from leatherjacket/chafer grub damage to fusarium patch/red thread. All treatments we provide are clean and safe on the environment as they are non lethal(Biological). If you believe you have an above problem relating to Pests,Insects or Fungus, our fully trained operatives will conduct all necessary tests to ensure diagnosis is correct. We will then fully discuss how to tackle the problem area with you and get the lawn back to a healthy state.

Specific Bespoke Treatments; Green Lawnger. Green Lawnger is a quality Turf paint which will drastically improve the appearance of damaged dormant and stressed grass. This is perfect for preparation for high profile events such as weddings, media/social events, etc. Applied via Knapsack our operative would blanket spray the entire lawn area immediately improving the appearance and colour. Results last upto 14 weeks!