Keep On Going!

Regarding Boris Johnson’s announcement of more lockdown measures last night, we are happy to announce we will keep on going and still be in operation for our customers where we are able to. Due to the fact we work outdoors and it isn’t possible for us to work from home it is essential that we keep on going. On this basis we are doing everything we can to keep you safe and comply with the regulations. We understand how important it is to contain this virus and to keep everyone safe, that is why we have put in place this protocol for all at Pro Gardens to follow. We believe this is the safest way for us to operate and that is why we have put forward strict measures upon ourselves. We hope to have a good start to the year and season providing the services you require, but for any additional work it is required that you make prior arrangement with us, this will help support social distancing. For any enquiries please email us at:

Here is a link to the protocol we have put in place here at Pro Gardens Ltd and the government guidelines:

Pro Gardens Ltd Covid-19 Protocol

I would also like to mention that the newsletter is up and running. We will be giving regular updates about the business and many offers to come!!! so please take the time to subscribe by clicking the link below: