BBC DIY SOS ‘The Big Build’

We were approached by the acclaimed designer Gordon Whistance with a view to help design the back garden of a property in Bidford on Avon for the latest episode of the BBC’s hit show, DIY SOS.

The brief was challenging, the family required the garden to be wheelchair friendly so Chloe could freely move around the garden.

We decided to use incorporate an Artificial lawn, a core gravel system and a large contemporary patio.

After some minor adjustments Gordon and Jamie had settled on the design and it was time to start building. Frank, Stuart and Jamie headed out to Bidford, ready to help change a family’s life.

Due to constrictions on access to the back garden, our time was limited to 3-4 days to complete the entire garden.  We had a 28m² patio to complete. 27m² of artificial lawn to lay, raised beds to construct and plants to source.

Many long days ensued, working long into the night aided by floodlights and lots of coffee. At 10pm on the final day of the build the garden was complete.

‘We can now take a huge sign of relief that this huge weight and stress has been lifted from our lives and we can focus on creating wonderful memories to treasure as we go into the New Year. Thank-you! Thank-You! THANK-YOU!