Dull damp day

On a damp dull day, that feels quite chilly, it’s hard to believe spring is here at Pro Gardens. The signs are all round us; we have daffodils flowering by the road sides bringing colour to hedgerows and verges.
Stratford upon Avon is lovely as you approach it, with its tree-lined Banbury Road. The prunus is flowering and we see the Magnolias with their buds bursting forward. My favourite of these being the Magnolia ‘Etienne Soulgange-Bodin’ with its large tulip shaped flowers, that are a creamy white with a warm rosy pink stain on the outside, then, when open, it shows the creamy white.
On the nusery here there is colour with the Fritillaries with Fritillaria Imperialis Maxima Lutea showing its bright yellow flowers. Also flowering is  Pulmonaria with its bright blue flowers adding a magical touch to this damp day.
With Easter coming up let’s hope we see an improvement in the weather and see a more sun and a chance to get out in the garden. Remember if we do see warmer weather, open doors and vents in greenhouses during the day but do still close them at night as there are still frosts around.
Happy Easter to you all