Stratford Upon Avon Shakespeare Garden 2016

Pro Gardens Ltd and SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd are proud to be providing a tribute to Shakespeare in a Globe Theatre inspired gardening showpiece at Stratford Home and Garden Show in July. Sited in the shadow of the Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare was laid to rest 400 years ago this year.

As local Stratford-Upon -Avon companies Pro Gardens as Landscape Designers and SAiGE Decking as suppliers of longlife composite decking both companies have been involved in the Stratford Home and Garden Show since its inception 3 years ago and are delighted to be able to provide a centre piece for the show for 2016 as well as have a separate Show Garden and stand at the show.

The Ethos of the Garden 

The Ethos of the Shakespearean Garden was to recreate not only the physical appearance of Shakespeare’s own world famous theatre but to also capture the feeling of being within the historic place as well as providing a usable space for the planned events at Stratford Home and Garden show.

The outer ring of planting symbolises the nobel galleries, and to reflect this, the planting is classic with old English roses, elegant shapes and  sophisticated design.

The inner planting ring symbolises the yard. The planting within this area is significantly more ”cottage”themed. Plants will include Lavender, Cranesbill and Lady’s mantle. This gives the impression that the plants, whilst maybe not not have the same social standing of the Roses, beautiful in their own right.

The hard standing of the circular patio within the centre of the design represents where the “groundings’ would have stood to enjoy one of Shakespeare’s plays.

The SAiGE supplied decking section creates the stage which is flanked by two tall trees recreating the columns in the Globe Theatre and with the movement of the trees showing the blossoming life of the theatre space, the movement of the crowd, the cheers sorrow and laughter portrayed through Shakespeare’s verse, plays and sonnets.

A big thank-you to all our wonderful sponsors who have made this possible.


We are loaded and ready to go