Full steam ahead

It’s full steam ahead here. So much is going on and the season is well underway with grass to be mowed, borders to weed, plants to planted, just one thing missing! What, may you ask? If you have not noticed, it’s the long sunny days! We have the lighter evenings now but it is still getting cold at nights. I am still needing my nice woolly jumper!

The plants in the nursery are needing the sun. We have stock that we are growing on for our show garden which we will be setting up at Blenheim Flower Show from 19th-21st June. This is the first show garden we have done and things are coming together nicely. We have sourced various pieces, including one that we just happened to see at Malvern Spring show. It was created by an amazing guy with so much talent; an absolute gem of a find; and his work will compliment Jamie’s design perfectly.

Also we are redoing our website. We will have a completely new website ready for launch in June, so that will be up and running for Blenheim Flower Show. We are working with Mark at Buzz Graphic Design in Banbury and Harriet who is helping with the copy. The colours look great and hopefully the images that I have sent over will be used; as plants in the nursery have come into flower I have snapped a picture on my iPhone so you get a good impression of what it is really like here.

Along with the website we working on the handouts for the show garden too. One thing that you can not say here is there is never anything to do!